EcoSmart Smart POOL 27 Review

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The EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27 differs from other products we reviewed in that it is an electric tankless water heater, not a heat pump or gas heater. It is advertised as an alternative or enhancement to a heat pump like the Hayward HeatPro . There are two size options: the 18 and the 27. We reviewed the larger of the two, which puts out 27kW of power, or roughly 92,000 Btu (British thermal units). The SmartPOOL can work with pools up to 15,000 gallons, and it is 99.8 percent efficient, regardless of ambient temperature. It uses flow sensor technology to reduce the risk of elements burning out.

This unit is not weatherproof at all, as it is intended to be installed indoors. It can’t get wet or be in an environment that is too humid, or it may rust. However, it doesn’t require venting.

The heater features a digital temperature display and dial that lets you set your preferred temperature in 1-degree increments between 80 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an odd range for a pool heater , as the American Red Cross recommends safe pool temperatures between 78 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on activity level. Also, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that 100 degrees is considered a safe temperature for a healthy adult, and 102 degrees can be dangerous, particularly to pregnant women. Other pool heaters we reviewed have a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take care when setting the temperature on the SmartPOOL 27, as there is no way to lock your settings. It also doesn’t have self-diagnostic features common in other pool heating appliances, like the Hayward Universal H200 .

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EcoSmart offers a lifetime warranty on its SmartPOOL electric tankless pool heaters. You can contact customer support via the online form on the company’s website or by calling between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST on weekdays. EcoSmart also offers resources like product manuals, videos and sizing instructions on its support page.

The EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27 is a compact electrical pool heating option. While it lacks some functions and features available in the top-rated pool heaters, it stands on its own as an inexpensive alternative to a heat pump or gas pool heater. As with all the pool heaters we reviewed, we recommend using it in conjunction with a solar pool cover to help prevent heat loss and evaporation.

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