SafePet4Me Review

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The SafePet4Me is a GPS tracker that requires a SIM card in the tag you attach to your pet. The tag conveniently comes with a small screwdriver you use to remove the back and install the card. Afterward, you simply follow the instructions and text the tag from your own cell phone to begin tracking your pet.

We did experience some problems while trying to use this pet tracker . If you’re not a tech person, this isn’t going to be easier than the trackers that work solely through an app, like the Whistle 3 . The instruction manual sends you to a tracking website, but we couldn’t get the website to work. The instructions gave us login information that didn’t work, so we tried registering our own account, but we still couldn’t access the tag. This tracker is supposed to pair with a smartphone tracking app, but once we downloaded TKSTAR GPS we couldn’t figure out how to use it, as it asked for a server number in order to log in.

Using the tag’s texting option, we got very accurate tag locations both in town and out on a mountainous hiking trial. After texting the tag in town, it replied with a link to a Google Map with an accurate GPS pin within a minute. Out on a hiking trail in daylight, it was difficult to tell whether the tag was turned on because the small external light glows white (the instructions say it’s supposed to glow blue) which doesn’t show up well in sunlight. It took about four minutes to get the first location ping but then only one minute to get subsequent location texts.

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The 1.6-ounce tag is durable and waterproof just like the Pod 3 – we tested to make sure. It doesn’t come with any clip or string to attach it to your pet’s collar, however. A zip tie or metal key ring would have been a nice inclusion so you don’t have to buy an extra item or create a makeshift solution.

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